Week #29 – Financial benefits behind Personal Growth, Masterminds and MKMMA

Ideas on how to explain the “Platform” of Direct Selling a/k/a Network Marketing (NWM) / Multi-level Marketing to a traditional businessman or businesswoman . . .

If you want to team up with a person for a Direct Selling / MLM / Network Marketing mastermind collaboration who have a “traditional business mindset” then it is much smarter to explain first the Direct Selling Industry and its “pro’s and con’s” rather than to jump right into exhaustive explanation on all the details of your specific opportunity.

If you give business opportunity meetings, on-line webinars or off-line presentations, in our experience 95% of your audience has no clue about direct selling or the power of it. The great majority of “suspects” open to taking a look are primarily searching for answers to 3 most basic questions:

#1. Can I make any money?

#2. What would I have to do?

#3. Can I Do It?

On the INITIAL APPROACH these answers better be CONFIRMED quickly or they may have little or no reason to keep their appointment or show up to your next scheduled event. Your approach “invitation” better be a dialog about THEM . . . Not a monologue on the Company, the Comp Plan or the Services.

After their first exposure or once enrolled/launched, added explaination on the industry often helps reduce the stigma of the “Pyramid” objection, as business minded people will likely understand a $200 Billion, 60 years+ market, with 100+ million distributors is substantial “social proof” of a legitimate business model, not built on a questionable foundation.

Direct selling is a dynamic, vibrant, rapidly expanding channel of distribution for the marketing of products and services directly to consumers.

Networking is about generosity, not greed. The strength of direct selling lies in its tradition of independence, service to consumers, and commitment to entrepreneurial growth in the free market system. Success comes from ever increasing levels of service to customers. Direct selling provides accessible business opportunities to people looking for both ‘time freedom’ and ‘financial independence.’

Market figures:

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in the USA and the World Federation DSA, which consists of 59 national Direct Selling Associations and one regional federation – Federation of European Direct Selling Associations (Seldia) the market is around $178 Billion. However many companies are not members and so estimates for direct selling total over $200 Billion worldwide.

More the 100 million people are involved all around the globe. A few major Direct Selling markets include:

USA 16.8 million distributors
Thailand 11 million
Indonesia 10 million
India 5.7 million
Korea 5.5 million
Russia 5 million
Brazil 4.5 million
Malaysia 4.2 million
Philippines 3.9 million
Japan 3.2 million
Country sales in Direct Selling (approx. U.S. dollars):

USA $32 Billion
China $27 Billion
Japan $17 Billion
Korea $14 Billion
Brazil $14 Billion
Germany $8 Billion
Mexico $8 Billion
Russia $4 Billion
Malaysia $4 Billion
France $3 Billion

Basically there are two different types of general Compensation plans: the ‘Party Plan’ in which a distributor is paid 3+ levels deep, and the ‘Person-to-Person’ compensation plan which pays out over much deeper levels. Some plans even continue Residual income to the independent business owner for the “life” of the customer. One such company is the Worlds largest distributor of Telecom and essential home services, the 22 year old giant, ACN – headquartered in Concord, NC.  Sales for 2014 in North America ranked them #11 on the Direct Selling annual revenue list.

The Direct Selling / MLM /Network Marketing “Walhalla” is located in Utah, USA, where more than 100 Direct Selling companies, both public and private companies are concentrated in a small area around Salt Lake City.

The average top earner for 2014 in Direct Selling reached an est. $20,000 dollars per month / $240,000 per year based on statistics compiled by the Business For Home publication. Direct Selling is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme, like any other profession or industry top earners must master teaching, communications and duplicating their social skills. Top Earners get paid to develop leaders and to build large teams able to collectively acquire a minimum number of qualifying, personal customers. This is accomplished most successfully through relationship marketing: the tried and true method of “Word of mouth” advertising among friends, family and themselves.


Compared to conventional business, the initial investment in Direct Selling can be very low, less than a thousand dollars. In exchange, the manufacturing, shipping & distribution is often done by the Company or its Service Providers. There doesn’t have to be the headache of employees, or added expense of payroll, the overhead of storerooms to stock products or displays. Some form of ‘starters kit’ or Internet portal eliminates the need for traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ store fronts and an autoship on the product or service will often be enough for the new business partner to get qualified and have a great start.

The more folks investigate the Direct Selling industry with an open mind, the more opportunity they may find for their futures. The American economy and especially the marketing business in North America has changed dramatically within the past 50 years. Gone are the days when following high school or college graduation, someone found a job for lifetime employment, in a corporation and were guaranteed pay for 40 hours of work per week, for 40 years till retirement on a pension guaranteed to offset the 40% difference in wages paid by Social Security after 65. Today, many seniors find themselves financially unable to afford to live on 40% difference of their pre-retirement wage and must continue to work.

image 2-5 yrs

Success can be yours!



Week #28 – Self-directed MKMMA Continuation

MAHALO from Southwest Florida, Y’all  ✌

When I think back and consider the Journey I expected to take beginning September 2014 . . .

Originally, my goals were average and ordinary . . . In general I was looking for ways to improve my life, my relationship with my wife – Linda, spiritual growth, and especially my communication skills as they related to our ‘home-based business.” I really wanted to participate in some Mastermind group where there was an opportunity to learn and share from other like-minded entrepreneurs in search of excellence inside the Network Marketing (NWM) industry who wanted to grow their businesses and become professionals.

My goals were basic: “I need to make more money” so I could replace the income of my Fulltime job. I dreamed for the past 3 years of the day when our NWM business would create enough residual income, so I could have not only financial freedom, but also TIME freedom.  At 53 years old I’d grown tired of waking up 5 days a week to commute to an office for 10-12 hours, ending up home each night, having dinner on a regular basis after 9 or 10pm!

This living arrangement (2 ships passing in the night) wasn’t conducive to my sex life! (“I am unhappy in my marriage”) nor did late night eating help my 300 lbs obesity (“I needed to lose weight.”) I had an “I” problem, it was all about me!

What the weekly requirements to maintain the Scholarship for participation in the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) allowed me to focus on we’re BABY STEPS. My journey every week, compounding each month revealed to me, “My Problems” or goals weren’t the real issue. And knowing about them, wasn’t the solution.
MKMMA instruction quickly convinced me knowledge does not apply itself.
My list of “IT” was not the problem and focusing on them in the past had never brought any long-term solution!

But these are simply symptoms of the problem.
The revelation inside the 26 weeks of my MKMMA was: The cause of the problem is YOU.
And more important, the Cure you seek is also already inside YOU!

This knowledge is probably one of the most sobering & encouraging of all understandings you can reach as you work toward your stated goals in life.

Whatever it is you want to change—your marriage, your financial situation, your weight—you’ll “never achieve lasting change until YOU change.

Once YOU improve, everything else around you will improve.
imageAction for today:
When it comes to achieving your goals, remember it is not your goals that need to be worked on, it is YOU.

You don’t get in life what you want; you get in life what you are.
(I will be what I will to be. You want to be happy, then go BE HAPPY!!)

You will only have the level of success in any area of your life that equals your level of self-worth.
(Service to others: the more you Give, the more you Receive!)

But the human tendency is to engage in the study of effects, while giving little attention to the cause.
(All those things in the outside world, had their beginning in the world-within.)

People say it’s the fruit that’s bad without studying the roots.

This is the most important personal development distinction you can come to realize.
IT (health, marriage, money, career, etc.) is not the issue; the issue is YOU.
IT will only be as great as you are.
If you work on IT, it will continue to elude you.
If you work on you, IT will rise to the level of the new you.

So, write down one thing you want or want to change.

Now write down 3 ways you can improve yourself in that area.

Attack them today. Start with committing to a daily affirmation, repeating out loud 25 times: DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW . . . . .

It sounds childish, but our Master Teacher reminded us, unless we are as little children we’ll miss out on enjoying the Kingdom of Heaven.

Revisit your inner child, but not to REGRESS. You are natures greatest miracle. Your goal is PROGRESS. You want to invest 15 minutes each day in silence, contemplating and prayerful introduction of that inner child, to your Future Self. Your ability to develop a healthy relationship with the person you are wanting to BE in your future will help you make wise choices today – for your future benefit!

Be happy.
P.S. Happy Earth Day!
Continuing the theme of today’s post, remember that protecting the earth also starts with YOU!
So what will you get to work on first?

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Make a personal commitment to STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK. Don’t complain (internally or Out Loud) about your situation – look at what actions you are doing that create the situation you are in and what you can work on to improve yourself, and thus improve your situation.

I am working together with the MKMMA Alumni from the Class of 2014-2015 on defining my goals for 2016, 2017, etc. and the steps that I’ll take to get there. In line with that, I am working on serving others and focusing externally on my world for ways that I can be more effective.
3 ways I can improve – 1) Once my goals are clearly defined (definite major purpose-written DMP) I’ve made a Dream Board that I can reflect on daily, 2) For focus and good brain food (compound progression), I read Og Mandino’s Scrolls, listen to recordings of Charles Haanel’s The Master Keys and Daily commit to random acts of kindness I can post & share encouraging others and 3) Consistently use a daily checklist (index cards) to ensure that I have completed the tasks most important to me and my goals.

What is something that you want to change?
What will YOU work on to get there?  What would the person you are becoming do right now?

Become the change you want to see in others!
Be the Leader you wish sponsored or mentors you!
Peace be your Journey!

Week #24 – Our Secret Life

Two years ago, while my wife & I spent the early afternoon with 4 others in an empty movie theatre waiting for our girl dog KALI to successfully recover from surgery removing some benign tumors, we were distracted by the Ben Stiller Produced/Directed & Starred, “‘Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ Remake.

image mitty

Now I’m not sure if it was due to having to wait for the Vets description of the successful procedure or concern over the next 4 hour return drive from Gaineimage kalisville, back south to Parrish, Florida….but the movie made little impact that Day back in 2013.

From colorful beginnings: Producer Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., whose father produced the Danny Kaye-1947 film adaptation, originally conceived the idea of doing a remake in 1994 with Jim Carrey in mind for the title role. 

Should you find the interest for an intriguing “PAUL HARVEY, THE REST OF THE STORY” a behind the scenes description is worth a short read into how easy “It Isn’t” to produce a movie in Hollywood between 1994 to 2013!      http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Secret_Life_of_Walter_Mitty_(2013_film)

So watching the same movie this week – POST MKMMA-experience, searching for “mile posts” on the characters ‘HERO’S JOURNEY’, looking for each clue of the Seven Laws of the Mind, etc.

Pre-MKMMA experience I wasn’t nearly the “Observer” to notice (nor would I have appreciated) the movie poster, tag line at the top of the page, “STOP DREAMING.  START LIVING”.  Great metaphor of my Network Marketing experience before MKMMA. I dreamed one day I would commit to 3-way calling. I dreamed one day I’d be “full-time” with the discipline to talk to 3 new people every day about my opportunity and their goals & dreams.

After implementing those things (DO IT NOW) I KNEW I should be doing all along (what the person I intend to become would do now) our team has experienced a 200% percent explosion in monthly downline organizational total billing (production volume).  By influencing with excitement and example the weekly strategies learned each month in our Alliance webinars & lessons, monthly production in October 2014 ($10,000+\- plateaued for the past 24 mos) based on January billing volume is currently = $21,283 dollars!!

Along with the greatest fan of the ‘Worlds Laziest Network Marketer’, it would be my pleasure as a professed Financial Independence Evangelist, to add to my resume One day the title of Certified Coach and Alumni for MKMMA.  I’d like the world to know the Secrets shared by Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel and Augustine “Og” Mandino down through the years and how this Knowledge doesn’t apply itself, but bit-by-bit can be incorporated into anyone’s daily diet to lead to a bright, new future for their families, their finances and their own peace of mind!

Mahalo and blessings multiplied to all the readers, followers, even haters. May you all find Peace and Joy running along side your Journey to discover your Future Self, the Authentic YOU!

be true to yourself 🙂


Week # 23 – It’s your Future – your Journey. What are you going to do about it?

image HEROS journ


On your Answer to this Question rests your entire Future!


What would the person you are becoming do right now?

The Classmates of the past 24 weeks Master Keys Mastermind Alliance have received many gifts. Among these have been wisdom through silence.  Peace through persistence. Control with emotions. Action from fear. Access to intelligence by relaxation.  Improvement by practice.  Replacement of negative thoughts by substitution.  Clear access to the Divine with forgiveness.  Permission to attach any feeling we decide to any thought we want!

Many of our classmates have discovered through the Law of Subconsious acceptance, any idea we present as a demand to our mind will eventually reproduce themselves. Whatever we think about grows but equally, what we ignore, things we forget: atrophy.  Each day we choose to self-direct towards our Definate Major Purpose, or away from our goals – back down the slippery slope, into the river of dreams and lives of quiet despiration.

My prayer for the Class of 2014-2015 is we continue to Pay-Forward the gifts we’ve been given. If we have the minds to conceive & believe accepting a future as already having received it, we can achieve every goodly desire described in our PRESS RELEASES, Movie trailers and blogs!

We can all be what we will to be! We are all equipped with the knowledge that Greater is He that is IN YOU (world within) than he that is in the World!

Therefore my prayer is that not any of my classmates ever think they “arrived”. One of our Compny Co-Founder’s phrases for 2015 is:  FINISHED never is! I want each and everyone of the MKMMA alumni of the same opinion : we will NEVER STOP TRYING to maximize development of the self-confidence necessary to the attainment of our definite chief aim in life!  Most success in life will only come from our continued practice of these Universal Laws, the rest is just work!  🙂

Each and everyone of you are complete, but not DONE.  This JOURNEY you started September 2014 isn’t ENDING. Don’t be sad!  Your Master Keys experience isn’t coming to a “close” . . . .  For just as each of you are WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY. . . . you cannot mistake the beginning for the end!

“Graduation” in all things, only marks that this was just THE END OF THE BEGINNING!










Week # 22.b – Miracles are Outside & surround Us = Gratitude is Inside & fills Us!

Reprinted from the Exceptional post of 2014-2015 Master Keys Mastermind Alliance Classmate, the equally “fabulous” Mrs. Izanna Kutepov – masterkeys.changeyourworldwithin.com

The following “work” is the bi-product of hard, mental efforts . . .  Week #17 a – HJ – CAMPBELL’S ‘HERO’S JOURNEY’ MONOMYTH

Joseph Campbell, (The Hero With a Thousand Fheros-Journeyaces, The Hero’s Journey with Bill Moyers, etc.) was a world famous mythologist who uncovered a universal pattern he called the “Hero’s Journey.” According to Campbell, the Hero’s Journey is an archetypal pattern that forms the underlying structure of every story ever told, including the story of our own lives. This universal pattern illuminates the stages each individual must go through in order to grow. It is a journey of personal evolution that every human being can identify with.

The HeroQuest Adventure is an organic process that takes you through the stages of the Hero’s Journey experientially. (See Taking the Journey)

Stages of the Hero’s Journey
1. The Ordinary World
2. The Call to Adventure
3. Resistance
4. Outrage
5. Committing to the Journey
6. Challenge and Adventure
7. The Heart of the Storm
8. Resurrection and Rebirth
9. The Rewards
10. Life Purpose
11. Taking the Journey: The HeroQuest Adventure

1. The Ordinary World
The Hero’s Journey starts with a snapshot of you, the Hero, in the Ordinary World, not fully satisfied with some part of your life. Despite the external success you may — or may not– have achieved, something is missing from your life. At fault are the limiting assumptions, negative beliefs, bad habits, and unchallenged fears you hold about yourself and the world. They affect your career and relationships, leaving you unhappy, angry, anxious, closed down, or depressed.

2. The Call to Adventure
Somewhere inside, you know that a bigger life awaits you. You dream of being successful, joyful, unlimited and free. This is your soul’s cry to be recognized, and your heart’s longing to find and follow your bliss. Absolute freedom, unlimited possibility, pure joy and unconditional love await you.

3. Resistance – Refusing your Calling
Refusing your Calling When you focus on the price tag of living your dreams instead of the potential benefits, you naturally feel reluctant to jump in. No matter how uncomfortable you are now, at least its familiar. Venturing out into the unknown is too scary. So you end up staying exactly where you are.

4. Outrage – The Straw that Breaks . . .
A painful, pivotal event occurs. You are “called out” by the universe and watch helplessly as the house you have carefully built burns down. Now you can no longer allow your fears, wounds, negativity or bad habits to control your life. You cannot accept the greater price you are paying to your spirit. Finally, you say “Enough!”

5. Committing to the Journey

This is the moment you fully commit you yourself. You say goodbye to your Ordinary World, firmly choosing to face your fears and answer your Calling.

You cross the first threshold: Separation from the Ordinary world.

6. Challenge and Adventure
Your commitment opens the door to new and unexpected adventures. You encounter allies and worthy adversaries who challenge your preconceived notions, judgments and ideas about yourself and the world. You discover that you are not who you thought you were; you have separated yourself from others and abandoned your true self. Who are you then?

7. The Heart of the Storm
Descending into the innermost cave of your fear, you drop your masks and face your inner demons. You are determined to allow the image of you to die so that the real you can be reborn.

You cross the second threshold: Initiation and Transformation, Death of the old identity and birth of the expanded self.

8. The Resurrection
The truth of your existence is revealed. You finally feel what you always knew — that you are whole, unlimited and connected to the universe. Now you are finally at peace with yourself. But you don’t want to be a “monk on a mountain.” You must return to the Ordinary World to put your spiritual transformation to the test.

You cross the final threshold: Return and Integration back into the Ordinary World.

9. The Rewards
You return to the Ordinary World free of your limiting masks and beliefs. This is the life you have always wanted. Joy, success and abundance radiate from you as a reflection of your own magnificence. The universe responds as it always has –unlimited and unpredictable– but you now stand ready to recognize and fully receive its gifts without shrinking back.

10. Life Purpose
With your struggle over, you can now focus on what you want to give instead of trying to get. Your service to the world is an expression of your overflowing fullness, not from any need or expectation. No matter what you choose to do, it is the quality of heart you bring to it that reflects your mission. As you let your own light shine, you inspire others to do the same. This light is what you are here to give–your life’s purpose.

11. Taking the Journey- The HeroQuest Adventure
The Hero’s Journey above is just a model. On the HeroQuest Adventure, each person’s journey is unique and reflects the real challenges in your life as they appear to you. Above all, the HeroQuest is about saying yes to yourself, and to your dreams. It will challenge you to give up the illusion that you are separate and insignificant, and support you in becoming more fully alive and more effective in the world. It is not just about uncovering deeper truth of who you are, but about having the courage to act on that vision. This new vision will propel you on yet another hero’s journey at a higher level than the last, with new treasures and deeper transformation.


Want to become your own HAPPY hero and find your purpose in life?

qualify to receive a pay-it-forward  Scholarship for MKMMA this coming September 2015. 

BECOME PART OF THE Master Key Experience helping THOUSANDS find their purpose including me, for what I will be forever grateful! 


Week # 22-A – Miracles, miracles, miracles all around us – back to a 2005 movie . . .

image buried time!

Okay – Tears are just my body removing my Defenses. PRE-Webinar video #23: I am positive that I can trust myself, my World within, to CONTINUE the Journey that was started back in 1981.  I’m “burying” time to live by the Compass.  My day and my “sits in silence” are no longer ‘Sprints’ measured by the clock…they have become leisurely, relaxing marathons steered by the Compass of my Future Self.

What was totally IMPOSSIBLE 5 mos ago – admitting my FEAR and trusting my ability to maneuver the Journey, with my feelings & thoughts, gives me added opportunity to see myself overcoming obstacles – where following effortless activity with the Law of Least Effort and stay moving down the path following toward my Bliss.

I’m exercising defenseless-ness. I have observed that daily, during my silence – truly the “sits” reveal my ONE THING:
“The cave I fear to enter holds the treasure that I seek.”  The thing that I have FEAR OF I must use as the NORTH STAR to my COMPASS – BAM!

So similar to JASON’s experience described so well and vivid by Mark J (I got the “goosies” too):
. . . .the FINAL VIDEO he shared (I view today of all days) – Coach Ken Carter –image office.1
Marianne Williamson’s words I have printed and taped to a STAND, on my desk to remind me every day. . . . as you play the video, through tears of gratitude, I get to mouth those words right in front of my eyes!

image desk.1

Thanks for such a SPECIAL GIFT this 23rd week.
I don’t have to wonder why TODAY, 4PM Eastern, Monday the 16th of March, 2015 is when GOD put on my heart to play the post-webbie video and the Universe aligned for me to hear this message . . . one more time:

so I could say,  “THANK YOU”  Mark J & Fabulous Davene – your sharing these MASTER KEYS, not just for some of us, this power is knowledge – it’s the message that this LIGHT INSIDE us comes from the World within – and everyone has it.  It’s in ALL OF US.

GOD’s incredible Gift to us is Our Life.
What we do with our life becomes our Gift back to GOD.

Thanks MKMMA coaches, guides, alumni & Class of 2014-2015 for Cheer-leading each other to get ‘off the bench’ and on the ‘court’ towards the greatness we deserve, encouraging us all to SHINE, just like we were meant to: as children do!  Helping us to find the Point on the Compass where, moving forward we can be fearless to risk and accomplish and even FAIL, without it being FATAL!!


Week # 22. Are you becoming Self-directed? Is 48 hrs of Silence possible?


Life disconnected from the net, TV, email, cell service?

(Why do I hear the theme from Gilligans Island playing? . . . No phone, no lights, no motor car, not a single luxury, like Robinson Caruso, as primitive as can be….”)

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller

I’m just observing . . . Have you ever had a couple of weeks, back to back that you began to recognize a “pattern” emerging ?

So, is this the part in the MATRIX where Keanu Reeves meets the Architect and finds out this isn’t Deja Vu at all, instead it’s a ‘cycle’, where everything is completely restarted, six times? http://youtu.be/K3OXs_5AD2A

Week 20: Master Keys Lesson: 20-8.  “When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself — is you — you begin to do things; you begin to feel your power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power (IMAGINATION) which will enable you to plan fearlessly and to execute masterfully.

– my selection (9 weeks ago) for arranging the order of 11 of 13 word choices in our “FRANKLIN Makeover” list:

– 7 of 13 = IMAGINATION.
Master Keys, Lesson 20-31: “. . . the only difference between His spirit and your spirit is one of degree, that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole. When you can realize this clearly you will have found the secret of the creative power of thought, you will have found the origin of both good and evil, you will have found the secret of the wonderful power of concentration, you will have found the key to the solution of every problem whether physical, financial, or environmental.”

Week 21: MK Lesson:
So we’re ending February, new month means = New Scroll.                                   Gee, I wonder what Og’s message is going to teach me this month?                “Today I will be master of emotions.” How’s that ever going to happen?

And how will I master my emotions . . . I will learn this secret of the ages:”   But of course . . .“with this new knowledge . . . the secret . . .”
My knowledge of this secret will be my key to great wealth.”
Yep – you guessed it: specialized knowledge!

Week 22: MK Lesson: “… thoughts are spiritual seeds, which when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow...”
So let me guess . . . To Think Big Thoughts or pray effectively means we must be
Well Organized?”
Intro to week 22: “We know that the universe is governed by law; that for every effect there must be a cause; and that the same cause, under the same conditions, will invariably produce the same effect. Consequently, if prayer has ever been answered, it will always be answered if the proper conditions are complied with. This must necessarily be true. Otherwise, the universe would be a chaos instead of a cosmos. The answer to prayer is therefore subject to law and this law is definite, exact, and scientific, just as are the laws governing gravitation and electricity. An understanding of this law takes the foundation of Christianity out of the realm of superstition and credulity and places it upon the firm rock of scientific understanding.

– 9 of 13 = WELL ORGANIZED. I’m not surprised Mark J. chose to share his Single Box “old school” Hanging File data collection 30 day “Organizer” in his end of the month video on his Blog, following our Survey and again posted by email!

I mean, come on…I know someone’s thinking – “David, you just read ahead and chose your FRANKLIN Makeover words based upon Mandino’s & Haanel’s subjects or content for that week.”
I swear, I’m not that driven…trust me, I’m a “YELLOW” FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

image color list

Do you remember what color you were in October 2014?


We’re about to go SELF DIRECTED . . . hang on for the ride of your Life & remember : keep the bar down and enjoy the roller coaster !

Week #21 – Time to Think BIG Thoughts: Become conscious of your Unity with the source of all Power.

In adding required ‘Comments, in our Master Keys Mastermind (MKMMA) Alliance section under “Tools for Expansion” this week, examples how to expand our ‘comfort  zones’ by using sometimes negative emotions of fear, hurt feelings, anger, guilt and/or unworthiness, my content linking + connecting the 2nd comment/post grew to a point, I decided to turn it into this week’s Blog post – 😉  Enjoy!

image already inside u

Really enjoyed going over this week’s MASTER KEYS Lesson, preferred Week Twenty-one versus the last 5 or 6 . Between Trisha’s enthusiastic delivery for the classes audio file and Mark J’s bubbly, even unbridled enthusiasm during pre-webinar video delivery, it really spoke to me!

Another one of the Universes FREE cures in transforming those feelings we want to DECREASE by the same Law of Substitution approach that worked with the 7-day mental diet. This time, instead of Waiting for a negative thought to enter “the complex”, then trying to replace it, by thinking of GOD or something else instead.  What if we were “proactive” and chose to expand our comfort zone?

I sometimes think in America, ‘Western medicine‘ has a similar, screwed-up approach in comparison to many other protocols around the globe. Some people we all know choose to live, eat, smoke, drink etc. “recklessly” and then only “after” the heart attack, or stroke, lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, etc. do they treat the results of the bad choices with utmost care and concern.  In other countries, patients pay their Doctors a monthly installment, his or her service is dependent on them maintains vibrant health.  There is no payment if they are ill, his practice is to restore them.

What if we chose to Re-map and expanded the territory of our Comfort Zones.
Armed with the knowledge from our lessons: if we always keep our promises, and agree that I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE; and whereas (just for one full day – 24 hours) I will to be Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy. And from this week’s Lesson – 21-1 “The real secret of power . . .the more conscious we become of our unity in the Universal Mind…the less conscious we shall become of conditions & limitations.
(Hmmmm, sounds like the Law of Growth!)

As we’ve heard previously from Haanel & even Coach Wooden: Our ability to eliminate imperfect conditions is not dependent on our ‘feelings.’ It depends upon MENTAL ACTION & CONSCIOUSNESS OF POWER! To increase our power to control and master every condition in our lives, our business, our family, etc is going to take some Hard Work.

Do yr Best

Using this power, we can proactively master negative emotions. The more we exercise this “Mental Muscle” the less fear, guilt, anger, unworthiness and hurt feelings we have to deal with. The power is already within you to expand your comfort zone with constructive and creative thought. Your “mind forces” are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will in efforts to aspire into acts, accomplishments and events!

image action


Week #20 – So what you’re saying is, neither the Fox nor the Hedgehog can multitask because of the creative power of thought and The Law of Substitution?

which are you-fox-or-hedgehog

What an exciting week it’s been, following the revelation from the last Webinar that all the habits we’ve been working to develop have been linked and connected in one way or another together.  Not to “ruin it”for next year’s class, but . . . . . .

What a beautiful “tapestry” woven together by Mark J and the Fabulous Davene for all our benefit.  As promised, we’d LOVE THE PAYOFF!  Whether we knew it or not, our brains were bombarding our ‘subbies’ with Og Mandino’sGreatest Salesman in The World ” 3 times a day connecting to our 7-Day Mental Diet (Scroll II); 4 Persistence Habits (Scroll III); Makeover (Scroll IV) and daily Obituary read (with Scroll V).

All these directions each week, giving us massive daily progression connected back to Coach Wooden Pyramid of Success, which linked to the Master Key weekly lesson, which connected back to The 7 Laws of the Mind; which we kept referencing individual Laws: like the Law of Growth progression – designed to concentrate on virtues we’d want to grow, we used the Franklin Make-over; being better observers of Kindness, beginning the habit of journaling our gratitude and kindness comments in the Alliance section.

And each week, our Workbook assignment, we were always Reminded = “Every word, exercise and sequence is there for a reason.”  How true we now see those statements to be.  WELL DONE MKMMA Staff & developers!

I really enjoyed Week 20 Master Key’s lesson: I’ve added 20-13 to an index card: “This power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor-saving device ever dreamed of . . . by the help of this power you can confidently undertake things that are seemingly impossible, because this power is the secret of all inspiration, all genius.”

image keep going

Do It Now!  Do It Now!  Do It Now! Do It Now! Do It Now! Do It Now! Along with the “LOOKING BACK” announcements, we were encouraged to LOOK AHEAD and keep our promises to mentally continue THE NEW HABIT we’ve started, past March 29th into the future, “…and since it is a good habit, this is my will” (from Scroll I).

Enter The Perfect Plan for the Future You = The FOX and the HEDGEHOG.  Seems there was a little book written by essayist Isaiah Berlin, detailing methods to Build the Perfect Business Plan.  “Foxes” are defined as those among us who know lots of information on lots of subjects, so much that weight of these multi-subject folks often suffer from “Analysis Paralysis“. They may know what to do, have 12 approaches on how to, but never take action or sufficient repetitive action to get things moving and complete their tasks to hit their goals.

Not so with our friend the Hedgehog.  Not burdened down by” The Encyclopedia Britanica of choices, approaches, scripts, take-aways, how tos – he simplifies any task and with LASER BEAM Focus he keeps the Main Thing the Main Thing, gets down to the BOTTOM LINE:


#1. What Activity must daily be performed that Drives the Economic Engine and #2.  Plan that Work, then Work that Plan.

REDUCING Any Business into the Ten Most Critical Activities performed on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that are requirements for economic operation = Your Written Plan of Action (WPOA), for example in our Network Marketing/Direct Sales business (in no particular order):

Prospecting, Recruiting, Selling/Retailing, Conference calls, Referrals, Product Knowledge, Events, Ordering materials/Success Tools, Follow-up, Training

Then Narrowing these 10 – in half, to the TOP 5 Critical things: and conduct a “Paired Comparison” to find essentials as to “What drives your economic engine” and CUT the other 5 as NOT Essentials.  The Paired Comparison is going to further thin the ‘herd’ and leave the top TWO PRIME “A” + “B” activities (what our business plan calls:  “being in PHASE ONE“) to spend the majority of your Daily, weekly and monthly “business hours” splitting upwards of 60% on “A” activities and 30% on “B” activities. In our NWM business those are:

A.  Recruiting: Invitations to take a look at our business/Prospecting for New recruits (scouting for potential new business partners as “Talent Development Specialists”) and B. Follow-up:  Sorting those interested in getting their new business off to a FAST-START; from those with questions; to the rest:  Not-Interested at This Time (NITT – what part of making additional income didn’t you like?)  As a Customer Acquisition business, the only way we get PAID is once when somebody becomes a customer of one or more of our essential services.

The same choice people face when approached with a new business venture to consider participation in: Majority of folks out in the world are looking to CHOOSE COMFORT versus perceived risk. When given the Option of Risk vs. Reward – staying in our “comfort zones” is the Easiest OUT – avoids risk, fears, possible pain, embarrassment from peers.  The “Walls” our comfort zones are constructed with: Fear (the”brick” in the wall), Guilt, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings and Anger (are the mortar).  We CAN instead use those very items as TOOL that help us GET OUT , little by little to enjoy a future of freedom.

image purpose

Give More, Get More.  With practice, these new TOOLS can become a Habit and with an inch here and an inch there, we can STRETCH our comfort zone’s limits – and that zone like our minds, of course, never regains its original shape.  Great news shared with our remaining Classmates:  GENETICS is what got us THIS FAR.  Next, it takes consistent effort – as Kevin Spacey told us “Desire is not Enough.”

And as Haanel explains: There remains dedication to the “hard metal labor so few are willing to do.”

“The First Step towards getting somewhere is to decide (thought) that you are not going to stay where you are!”

image finish

Here is a TRULY FREE OFFER:  It’s NOT a “Point + Click” for Happiness or Rub a Dub-Dub additive for your tub, or creme you rub on your feet before bed or even a CD to play while you sleep = It is about DOING THE WORK.  All that other “will power” stuff, that doesn’t exist.

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Go to the site, there’s NOTHING to Buy – Nothing for sale, but check it out. Caveat though – Sorry we don’t start again till September 2015, but it’s your very best chance for happiness. THE MASTER KEY to understanding your own Hero’s Journey!

Week #19 – The Second Movie Week – When the Cats’s Away, the Mice…..?

This Second Month of 2015 . . .

Haanel explains in this week’s Master Key Lesson, to overcome fear: ” And so it is with vital force. Although we do not know what it is, and possibly may never know, we do know that it is a primary force which manifests through living bodies, and that by complying with the laws and principles by which it is governed, we can open ourselves to a more abundant inflow of this vital energy, and thus express the highest possible degree of mental, moral, and spiritual efficiency.

I wish I would have learned this concept years ago.  “Fear” of the “Bad” or “Evil” things in life governs or controls many people we know.  We probably have all seen evidence where individuals because of fear have lacked abundance, lost their personal power and given in to mental or spiritual depression (… living lives of quiet desperation.)

Of the Top Seven Fears:

1.  the fear of loss of love or affection;

2. the fear of old age;

3. the fear of poverty;

4. the fear of loss of liberty;

5. the fear of loss of health;

6. the loss of life: Death;

7. the loss of social approval – Criticism of Friends&Family and peers

“5. In the physical world there are innumerable contrasts, and these may for convenience sake, be designated by distinctive names. There are sizes, colors, shades or ends to all things. There is a North Pole, and a South Pole, an inside and an outside, a seen and an unseen, but these expressions merely serve to place extremes in contrast.

6. They are names given to two different parts of one quantity. The two extremes are relative; they are not separate entities, but are two parts or aspects of the whole.

7. In the mental world we find the same law; we speak of knowledge and ignorance, but ignorance is but a lack of knowledge and is therefore found to be simply a word to express the absence of knowledge; it has no principle in itself.

8. In the Moral World we again find the same law; we speak of good and evil, but Good is a reality, something tangible, while Evil is found to be simply a negative condition, the absence of Good. Evil is sometimes thought to be a very real condition, but it has no principle, no vitality, no life; we know this because it can always be destroyed by Good; just as Truth destroys Error and light destroys darkness, so Evil vanishes when Good appears; there is therefore but one principle in the Moral World.”   Master Keys, Chapter 19.

WOW…. another Oprah ‘Aha’ moment.  If some of our friends only knew, the FEAR they have of an EVIL in their life is a creation of their own design, because THEY have given POWER to it.  The truth of this Mental Law comes from application of the moral principle: found in the Law of Growth: whatever we think about grows.  What we forget atrophies.  So whatever we “feed” (empower) grows. Therefore, if people instead choose no longer to ‘feed’ their mental energy to their fears, evil will lose its power and be destroyed – “Evil vanishes when Good appears.”

(Master Keys Chap. 17:33-37)  “Remember that power comes through repose. Let the thought dwell upon your object, until it is completely identified with it, until you are conscious of nothing else.  If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage.  If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abudannce.  If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on (vibrant) health.  Always concentrate on the ideal as an already existing fact; this is the germ cell, the life principle which goes forth and sets in motion those causes which guide, direct and bring about the necessary relation, which eventually manifest in form.”

Thought is the seed, which results in action, and action results in form.

A practical solution but easier said than done. Those Old Habits from the Old Blueprints in our minds just don’t go away, many can only be REPLACED by a New Habit.  Which concept leads to our movie review & discussion:

Just like the last time, my decision of which movie to watch was based on previous viewing: “FINDING JOE” as I had already seen “I AM“.  I can’t go to the movies on date night with my wife or watch On Demand, HBO or SHOWTIME without looking for the HEROES JOURNEY steps!  Instead of submersion into the characters or plot, my mind is racing, searching for clues to PPNs, DMPs, etc – I fear I’m ruined.  The whole time I’m watching, the voice inside my head keeps asking questions:

What are You pretending not to know?    What would the person You intend to become do next?

What are you PASSIONATE about?

What DRIVES your economic engine?

What can you be THE BEST IN THE WORLD at?

Just get ready folks . . . Quit praying for change…it’s already here, it’s at close as the 6 inches between your ears!  Let this be the year YOU discover – As soon as your subconscious accepts your clear, definite idea, it becomes a DEMAND and all the resources of the Universal Mind go to work on it constantly – 24/7, to manifest your Demand . . . And as long as you daily concentrate your thought on your definite chief aim, as an already existing fact, your subconscious mind will continue accessing a reservoir of infinite resources for its achievement & fulfillment!


This is your One and Only 2015 – this isn’t a Dress Rehersal, this is it!  Live each day as if it’s your last . . . You never know, one day you’ll be right!  And if not tonight, fall to your knees and with a gracious heart – give thanks!    Og Mandino, “The Scroll Marked V.”